Improve your manufacturing and supply chain performance

C-981 empowers aerospace companies to optimize their daily operations

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WHY C-981?

Be the actor of your own transformation

Increased team productivity and reduced operational costs

Improve operational performance

Gain visibility into your supply chain and operations to make informed decisions. Address bottlenecks, manage your suppliers, reduce quality issues, and ensure timely customer deliveries.

Empower operational teams

Get the right information for the right person at the right moment, empowering your operational teams with improved productivity and communication.

100% tailored to your operational needs

Tailor solutions to your operational requirements using our user-friendly ZERO CODE platform, easy to design - easy to use.


Let’s digitalize the aerospace supply chain

Crafting the most incredible engines for over 120 years

Yet our day to day reality, is full of paper, phones, and spreadsheets

C-981- The transformation

#1 aerospace platform to build all your operational solutions


Optimize your manufacturing and supply chain operations from the aerospace end to end

Supply chain

☐ WO outsourcing management
☐ Critical component tracking

Engineering & Quality

☐ Declare Non conformities
☐ Quality autocontrol checklist


☐ Work order location
☐ Non-productive time tracking
☐ Machine outage
☐ (Un) prioritize work order
☐ Work instructions

Supply chain

☐ Customer information
☐ Customer delivery management


☐ Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
☐ On-Time Delivery

Supply chain

☐ Customer information
☐ Customer delivery management


The 1st solution built for and by operational people

Fast integration.

The tool easily adapts to our existing tools; it’s no longer us adapting to the product, but rather the product adapting to our current processes.

Thierry Vaillant
System and Network Manager

Easy to design.

I created and deployed my first solution in less than 2 hours, it’s intuitive and powerful.

Paulo Teodosio
Operational Leader
Rafaut Aerospace

Easy to use.

We studied many MES options and ultimately selected C-981. The idea of building solutions autonomously and in a lean manner is appealing to us.

Karine Debusschere
Strategic Project Director


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Discover more than 100 ready to use solution templates

Discover templates to streamline and enhance both supplier and customer delivery processes, covering areas like supplier reception and order shipment tracking.
Explore templates to tackle key operational challenges such as time tracking, quality monitoring, and non-conformity reporting.
Discover templates for designing critical quality control check and engineering solutions, ensuring compliance, precision, and reliability in your operations.
Explore our performance templates to boost efficiency, productivity, and overall operational excellence in your operations.


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