Digitization in industry

French industry is undergoing one stimulus plan after another, and many of the projects financed involve the digitalization of industry. However, it is to be feared that these stimulus packages are financing the same revenues for the same results. If this is the case, French SMEs and ETIs will see very little of the 110 billion in additional annual revenues that digitalization in industry is expected to generate. Beyond the OEMs at the top of the pyramid who has the skills and resources, what is the reality of the players in the value chain?   


The ROI of a digital project is difficult to estimate 


Over the past few months, we’ve been working with a few small and medium-sized aerospace companies to explore their digitalization challenges. Spoiler alert: the clock stopped in the year 2000. How can we move beyond this world in which managers and operators alike are subjected to dinosaur solutions such as Excel, Sage or AS400? How can we move beyond a world in which digitization necessarily involves the multiplication of software and the financial and change management investments that go with it?

Today, manufacturers have two alternatives for digitizing their production tools. 

Option 1, based on the demands of OEMs: invest massively in ERP, PLM and MES, and develop specific tools to match the industrial tools. This is expensive and time-consuming, with mediocre user experience and tools focused on processes (primarily financial) rather than on employee experience and production issues.  

Option 2, based on startup offerings: multiply SaaS. They have a good UX but involve high integration costs to maintain connections between tools, the final price is unclear with a convoluted invoicing model, and the cognitive load is high for users who find themselves switching from one tool to another with the risk of preferring good old Excel.  

We propose an alternative vision with a solution designed for SMEs and ETIs, which we present in article #2 of our series – A tool by and for production.


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