Industry’s digitalization overlooked

Like Boost French Fab, calls to digitize are multiplying in industry, and even more since the Covid crisis, which has more than ever revealed our dependence on Asian industry. 


At C-981, we don’t subscribe to the widely held view that digital is expensive. It’s a luxury because the solutions are hard to understand, hard to implement. To benefit from them you’d have to integrate a dozen of software while maintaining the connections between them. We might as well call it a pipe dream: almost no manufacturer – apart from OEMs – has the IT skills or the means to deploy such a portfolio of solutions.   


Rather than providing a verticalized solution with multiple functionalities that address 100% of a manufacturer’s possible needs, we believe in a platform that, with a few basic functionalities for collecting, sharing and exploiting data, can meet 80% of a manufacturer’s critical needs.


Integrating the industry’s front line: operators  


The focus is then on the user experience, so that this digitalization finally integrates the industry’s front line: the operators. In this environment digital skills are heterogeneous, and the mindset is totally focused on manufacturing. Operators’ experience with IT tools is the key to generating reliable data. Based on this data, site managers will have the opportunity to generate analysis that they currently lack. This way they will significantly impact the economic and sustainable performance of their workshops.  

This is the promise of C-981, and we look forward to challenging you!


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