A tool by and for production

Shopfloor managers spend between 30% and 70% of their time searching for information: not good news for the industry’s current and future performance. What for those who are there, and how can we attract new talent with such a digital experience?  


The new 4.0 factories are natively digital, but they stand for a ridiculously small part of the French industrial base (84 new sites opening in 2021 for a total of 160k sites in France). It’s a bit like the building industry, where the environmental challenge is essentially in renovation rather than construction: how can existing plants be digitized to enable these gains in competitiveness?


Time for my IS to integrate specific tools.

To weave the metaphor, an architect doesn’t draw in his central IS. He has a dedicated drawing tool. It seems logical that the same should apply to industrial production.  But today, ERP is everywhere. 


We need to reduce its functional scope to what it was designed for: its core functions of financial process management, planning and data security.  


In addition, we need to let operational managers – workshop supervisors, methods engineers, industrialization managers, quality managers, continuous improvement engineers – take control of the digitization. We offer them the possibility of creating digital solutions that can be easily upgraded or withdrawn as business needs evolve.   


By providing a toolbox that enables functional add-ons to be built at lower cost, without the need for IT development skills, our customers kill three birds with one stone: free up their limited IT resources, empower the business and limit shadow-IT. 


Does this sound like a miracle recipe of good farming sense?  That’s the promise of C-981!


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