20 years of experience
in the aerospace industry


Why we do what we do

Our journey began with a simple but profound observation:

Aerosapce & SC digitization operations is slow, creating a massive issue of lack of visibility which leads to billion of loss in margin.As a result, operational staff find themselves dedicating a substantial portion of their time, ranging from 30% to a staggering 70%, searching for scattered information across spreadsheets, emails, and other sources.


What if we could turn every operational manager into key players in the digital transformation?

Driven by the desire to make a difference, we set out to create a game-changing so-called “no-code” solution.

We drew inspiration from the concept of building with Legos, employing four distinct blocks to construct a straightforward yet highly efficient method for accelerating the flow of information. This philosophy became the foundation of our innovative approach.


We fight digital illiteracy through collaborative no-code solutions

We trust in people, our pragmatic and accessible methodology allows every one to create apps.

We reduce consulting costs and generate immediate impact. Our cost is simple and predictable.

We fight digital illiteracy, ensure an easy deployment with and for your people. We integrate all operational people in the digital era.

By applying the no-code philosophy to operational needs, we offer the possibility to create customizable and fast solutions.


The Supply Chain Integration

Our objective is to engage every tier within the aerospace supply chain, promoting the seamless flow of data, fostering collaboration, and optimizing efficiency across all aspects of shop floor operations.




Driving excellence in manufacturing and supply chain operations


We uphold rigorous standards of quality and expertise, ensuring excellence in both our products and project implementations for our clients.


Cultivating an environment of well-being that fosters personal growth, teamwork, and a genuine willingness to support one another.


We maintain open and honest communication with our clients and collaborators, sharing pivotal decisions from the outset.


We operate with pragmatism, honesty, and consistency. Our words align with our actions, and vice versa.

Our Milestones

The path to digital transformation


6 months of inception with our customers in the factories to design our pilot


Development of technical team.

Product building and launching.

Go to market

Product improvement.

Increase sales team. Open Sales Office in USA.

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Fundings raised; Bourse French tech BPI

Label: CEA/FTS


Our Milestones

The path to digital transformation


6 months of design with our customers in the factories to design our pilot


Development of technical team and product building


Fundings raised, Bourse French tech BPI, Label: CEA/FTS


Increase sales team. Open Sales Office in USA.


Total fundraising 2.5 Million EURO (Dilutive and non dilutive)

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Let's continue this journey together

At C-981, we're always on the lookout for exceptional talents who share our passion for innovation and cutting-edge technology. If you're driven by a desire to push boundaries, create meaningful solutions, and be a part of a dynamic team, we invite you to explore spontaneous application opportunities with us.

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